As govt signs mass NHS privatisation, figures show A&E waits rise 545%

19 Oct


As Steve Topple’s excellent article for The Canary yesterday showed, the government has exploited the distractions of Brexit and Olympic parades to slip out news of the biggest ever new wave of NHS privatisation – additional contracts worth over an incredible £8 billion, more than 7% of the entire NHS budget, in one fell swoop.

At the same time, information in the latest NHS statistical release shows that the crisis in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments – always the most visible part of the NHS crisis ‘iceberg’ is reaching unheard-of levels that will mean that excessive A&E waits will have risen by over 600% since the Tories took office.

Even BBC News covers A&E crises each winter, but while it’s clear that things are getting worse, it’s not always clear how much worse or how quickly. These graphs will change that.

As pictures paint a thousand words, the following graphs (with some…

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