Greater Fool 2.0 – Contributors wanted

19 Jun

With Greater Fool 2.0 I’m looking for contributors to help make it a more representative and informative platform. To that end I’m looking to collaborate with other people who’ve perhaps liked the idea of writing articles themselves on politics and current affairs but perhaps don’t have time to manage a full blog themselves or don’t want the extra work of keeping it up and running. If you fit that description I’d love to hear from you. I’m not in a position to pay anybody, I’m not doing this to earn money myself, but I am more than happy to share advertising revenue (if any is received!), my preference would be to donate to charity any money that is received above the running costs but that’s up for debate.

Specifically I would like to hear from young writers, BAME, LGBTQI and someone who perhaps is more to the centre ground of politics. Ideally a diverse blend of writers so that we’re not all just writing the same thing. Oh and if you’re good at graphics etc that would be cool too.

So what are the requirements?

  • Decent writing skills, you don’t need to be a novelist just English not textspeak!
  • An opinion that you’re passionate about sharing with personality and emotion.
  • Ability to tell the difference between fact and conspiracy.
  • Research based methodology ensuring that what you’re posting is based on fact. (Two independent sources preferably, I’d really like not to go to court for libel!).
  • A sense of humour, this stuff can get heavy so a little black humour can go a long way.

If you think that sounds like you then comment below and I’ll get in touch. The idea behind this project is to increase the number of voices challenging the main stream media agenda. I don’t mind if you write once a month or every day. Let’s make this a platform we can all be proud of.



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