Post-failed-coup geopolitics of the Turkish situation

22 Jul


by George Ades

After the “chilling” of relations between Russia and Turkey following the downing of the Russian jet over Syria, Turkey suffered the effects of an economic embargo justifiably imposed on her by Moscow, as a result of which millions of Russian tourists stayed away from that country with dire effects for the Turkish economy; furthermore, the trade ban between the two countries begun to show its negative effects on Turkey. That is the economic aspect of the situation.

When the Russian jet was shot down, either with or without the prior knowledge of the Turkish government, Erdogan, fearing Russian reprisals, attempted to draw his NATO allies into the fray but aside from a generic statement of “Every country has a right to defend its own borders and airspace” from Washington, there was no actual support for this NATO ally who found himself alone facing the claws of the…

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