May could face loss of seat over #Abbott comment electoral breach #GE17 #BBCQT

6 Jun

I won’t hold my breath on this one. We know what should happen but we’ve seen the CPS drop the ball on 30+ cases of electoral fraud.


As the SKWAWKBOX reported on Sunday, Theresa May has been reported to police over false claims she made during Friday’s BBC Question Time special about Diane Abbott and police DNA records.

May told the studio audience and millions of viewers around the country that Abbott had advocated the removal of the DNA samples of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases – an accusation that is completely untrue.

bbc qt croppedTheresa May during last Friday’s BBC Question Time special

Making false statements about a candidate’s ‘character or conduct’ during an election campaign is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

Paul Cardin of the Wirral in it Together blog reported the matter initially to the Metropolitan Police, as May is based in Downing Street, but the Met has advised that the matter needs to be investigated by North Yorkshire Police (NYP), because the programme was…

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Never had a party political broadcast make you want to applaud? Watch. #GE17

6 Jun


Labour put out a party political broadcast on national television on Monday night that many are calling the best ever shown. This writer watched it and literally wanted to stand and applaud.

It perfectly encapsulates what is great about Labour, what is great about this nation. It portrays the terrible threat facing us and our NHS from the Tory party that despises it and routinely lies about it. But it is also full of that rarest commodity in modern politics: hope.

It shows the heart and heroism of the people who work in this country’s greatest achievement – the NHS.

You’ll fall in love with it, and with them, all over again – and be inspired to save it.

It’s less than five minutes long. Please watch it. Please share it with everyone- because everyone needs to see it.

Everyone needs to understand what’s at stake on Thursday and why it’s vital

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Desperate Tories insult terror victims with lies about #shoottokill #GE17

6 Jun


The SKWAWKBOX has shown the Conservatives routinely lying about their Labour opponents and Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn in their attempts to retrieve their disastrous campaign.

But the Tories sank to a new low today when they propagated a known lie about Corbyn’s position on ‘shoot to kill’ in terror situations:

tory lie stk.png

As SKWAWKBOX follower Danielle pointed out so promptly, the Tories are referring to a video interview between Corbyn and the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg – an interview for which she was found guilty by the BBC Trust of bias and inaccuracy:

lk-guardMs Kuenssberg asked Corbyn one question and then voiced over it so he appeared to be answering a different question, giving a completely false impression, as the Guardian article made clear:

guardian bbc trust.pngThe Tories, of course, are fully aware of this – and are showing utter contempt for the memories of those who died in Manchester and London, for those…

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In 2016 Corbyn was mocked for this. Nobody’s laughing now #GE17 #Police

6 Jun


When Jeremy Corbyn instituted the new practice of asking questions from the public in PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), he was mocked and jeered by arrogant Tory MPs each time he mentioned a member of the public – which in itself speaks volumes.

But one question in particular echoes deafeningly now.

Late last year, just before Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement was due, Corbyn stood to ask a question of Theresa May from ‘a taxpayer’ – and was jeered loudly by the MPs opposite.

Here is that question:

Cuts to community policing have been identified by security experts and senior police officers as the key driver to the failings in intelligence that have allowed radicalisation to pass without action – and Corbyn was raising the question months before the tragic events of the last three months.

We’ve already seen that Theresa May was warned by Corbyn, by police and by security experts about the…

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BBC didn’t want you to see this #Corbyn video. Wonder why #GE17

5 Jun


On Sunday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a short – less than 10 minutes – but towering speech that Sky News covered in full.

And the BBC covered not at all.

The speech is terrifying to the Establishment, because the statesmanlike Corbyn looks and sounds every inch the ‘Prime Minister in waiting’ that they’ve always told us he couldn’t be – and with his personal approval ratings now exceeding those of the Tory leader, it’s clear the country is recognising it.

In the speech, Corbyn stands tall and strong against terrorism, refuses to allow it to change him or cow the country. He holds May and her party to account for their actions that have made this country more vulnerable. He shows a genuine commitment to the safety and wellbeing of the people of the UK that dwarfs May’s and exposes it for a sham. He confirms that…

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BBC STILL misreporting Kuennsberg’s known-false #Corbyn #shoottokill report #GE17

4 Jun


In the wake of last night’s awful events in London, the 4th most-watched item on the BBC’s website is an interview between Laura Kuenssberg and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One that the BBC knows is misleading and has still not corrected.

As the SKWAWKBOX showed in January, Ms Kuenssberg was found guilty by the BBC Trust of misleading reporting in the video in which she presents Corbyn’s comments on the ‘shoot to kill’ policy as if he were saying he would not authorise it in a ‘Paris-style’ terror situation.

He said no such thing.

lk stk.jpgBut the BBC still has not corrected its misleading video – and today, in the wake of the London terror attacks, millions are watching his misrepresented comments.

Howl about this blatant misrepresentation and blatant breach of BBC impartiality – to your neighbours, friends, relatives and to the BBC.

Many on social media already are:

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May reported to police for Abbott comment electoral breach #GE17 #BBCQT

4 Jun


As the SKWAWKBOX revealed on Friday night, Theresa May appears to have broken electoral law during her question and answer session with a BBC Question Time audience.

bbc qt cropped

In front of a television audience of millions, May alleged that Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott had advocated the removal of the DNA samples of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases.

Abbott has, of course, done nothing of the sort. She has advocated the removal of the DNA of innocent people, because it infringes on our civil liberties, disproportionately affects ethnic minorities and includes the DNA of, for example, victims of crimes such as rape.

The Representation of the People Act 1983 states that making a false statement about the character or conduct of a candidate is an illegal practice:

representation-of-the-peoples-act-excerpt-false-statementsMay certainly cannot claim belief and reasonable grounds for belief that her false statement about Diane Abbott was true.

Now Wirral…

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Explosive: Rudd tries to censor election opponent to hide Saudi terror allegations #GE17

4 Jun


The SKWAWKBOX wanted to remain silent until this evening out of respect for the victims of last night’s terror atrocity and our hearts go out to those affected and their families.

But information that has come to light – and Theresa May’s clear attempt to politicise events – mean that it would be a dereliction of this blog’s purpose and duty to wait.

Theresa May this morning attempted to blame ‘too much tolerance’ for the attacks last night, in Manchester and on Westminster Bridge and is clearly positioning herself to exploit them in order to restrict civil liberties. A separate article will address her speech in detail.

But as broadcaster Paul Lewis highlighted this morning, May has blocked publication of a report into the funding of terrorism until at least after the election and possibly permanently – because it allegedly focuses on the central role of Saudi Arabia:

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Theresa May breaks law in #BBCQT special #GE17

3 Jun


may bbcqtApart from some desperate spinning by the Tories and their pet media – including an email from party chair Patrick McLoughlin criticising Corbyn’s lack of enthusiasm for incinerating millions – there’s a huge consensus that Jeremy Corbyn won last night’s BBC Question Time special by a distance, in spite of aggression by a number of Tory plants in the audience who were allowed more questions than anyone else.

Even some right-wing commentators agreed:

Theresa May was unable to do more than repeat slogans – even in answer to a questioner who said she always answered with slogans – and looked wooden, insincere and callous.

Corbyn looked measured, intelligent, unflappable, compassionate and above all genuine. He…

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9 Tories of 120 #BBCQT audience ask 29% of questions. Still #CorbynWins #GE17

3 Jun


The BBC Question Time Leaders’ Special tonight was a remarkable event, because there was only one Prime Minister on show and it was not Theresa May.

What makes it all the more remarkable was not the composition of the audience, but the balance of the questioners. It is called Question Time, after all.

The audience consisted of, at a rough count, 120 people. Out of 120 people in a 90-minute special, not everyone is going to get to ask a question – although almost certainly the vast majority would have submitted questions to the show. There simply wouldn’t be time for 120 questions and 120 answers.

But you might be a little surprised to find that some audience members got to ask more than one – especially when you start to notice a little more about the group they belonged to.

Twitter wags have already noticed that three of the…

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