Queues at polling stations. The UK is hungry for change #GE17 #GOTV

8 Jun


The SKWAWKBOX said years ago that if you give British people an actual alternative worth voting for, they would. They certainly have one now in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

There’s a consensus that turnout is key in this election – and that a high turnout will favour Labour (at least in England and Wales).

The SKWAWKBOX is receiving reports of queues at polling stations all around the country. One polling station attendant, who has worked at the same station for decades, reports that she hasn’t seen queues like it in at least 25 years.

The Evening Standard is reporting ‘huge’ queues in the capital:

es queues.jpg

While one polling station in Lincoln reported it saw more voters in the first hour than in the whole day in 2015.

Here are pictures and reports of some of the queues, tweeted by excited voters. If there are queues when you got to vote, send…

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Exclusive: May, Rudd ‘stripped anti-extremism unit to focus on #Brexit’ #GE17

8 Jun


may rudd.pngAs the Press Association reported, Theresa May – in the preface to the announcement of her planned assault on the very human rights she says islamist terrorists hate – talked of a ‘security service review’, supposedly to allow security services to “call out extremism here in the United Kingdom”:

Theresa May expects security service review

Theresa May has said she expects police and security services to launch a review after three terrorists slipped through the net to launch the devastating attack at London Bridge.

Mrs May said,

What Government needs to do is, and what the Government that comes in after Thursday’s election needs to be willing to do, is to give more powers to the police and security service when they need them, needs to deal with this issue of terrorism and extremism online and also needs to be able to call out extremism here in the United Kingdom

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Met taking May electoral breach re Abbott ‘very seriously’ #GE17

7 Jun


As the SKWAWKBOX reported at the weekend, a viewer has made a formal complaint to police about Theresa May’s comments concerning Diane Abbott, which the Tory leader made during the BBC’s Question Time special.

The comments – that Abbott planned to wipe the DNA records of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases – were without foundation and making a false statement about a candidate during an election period is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

may eyes.pngAn offence that can result in disqualification from public office, as well as leading to criminal penalties.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) had originally advised the complainant to report the matter to North Yorkshire Police, as the comments were made from a studio in York.

Now, in a remarkable turnaround, the MPS has decided that it will take on the case. A response from the MPS’ ‘

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May could face loss of seat over #Abbott comment electoral breach #GE17 #BBCQT

6 Jun

I won’t hold my breath on this one. We know what should happen but we’ve seen the CPS drop the ball on 30+ cases of electoral fraud.


As the SKWAWKBOX reported on Sunday, Theresa May has been reported to police over false claims she made during Friday’s BBC Question Time special about Diane Abbott and police DNA records.

May told the studio audience and millions of viewers around the country that Abbott had advocated the removal of the DNA samples of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases – an accusation that is completely untrue.

bbc qt croppedTheresa May during last Friday’s BBC Question Time special

Making false statements about a candidate’s ‘character or conduct’ during an election campaign is a criminal offence under section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

Paul Cardin of the Wirral in it Together blog reported the matter initially to the Metropolitan Police, as May is based in Downing Street, but the Met has advised that the matter needs to be investigated by North Yorkshire Police (NYP), because the programme was…

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Never had a party political broadcast make you want to applaud? Watch. #GE17

6 Jun


Labour put out a party political broadcast on national television on Monday night that many are calling the best ever shown. This writer watched it and literally wanted to stand and applaud.

It perfectly encapsulates what is great about Labour, what is great about this nation. It portrays the terrible threat facing us and our NHS from the Tory party that despises it and routinely lies about it. But it is also full of that rarest commodity in modern politics: hope.

It shows the heart and heroism of the people who work in this country’s greatest achievement – the NHS.

You’ll fall in love with it, and with them, all over again – and be inspired to save it.

It’s less than five minutes long. Please watch it. Please share it with everyone- because everyone needs to see it.

Everyone needs to understand what’s at stake on Thursday and why it’s vital

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Desperate Tories insult terror victims with lies about #shoottokill #GE17

6 Jun


The SKWAWKBOX has shown the Conservatives routinely lying about their Labour opponents and Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn in their attempts to retrieve their disastrous campaign.

But the Tories sank to a new low today when they propagated a known lie about Corbyn’s position on ‘shoot to kill’ in terror situations:

tory lie stk.png

As SKWAWKBOX follower Danielle pointed out so promptly, the Tories are referring to a video interview between Corbyn and the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg – an interview for which she was found guilty by the BBC Trust of bias and inaccuracy:

lk-guardMs Kuenssberg asked Corbyn one question and then voiced over it so he appeared to be answering a different question, giving a completely false impression, as the Guardian article made clear:

guardian bbc trust.pngThe Tories, of course, are fully aware of this – and are showing utter contempt for the memories of those who died in Manchester and London, for those…

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In 2016 Corbyn was mocked for this. Nobody’s laughing now #GE17 #Police

6 Jun


When Jeremy Corbyn instituted the new practice of asking questions from the public in PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), he was mocked and jeered by arrogant Tory MPs each time he mentioned a member of the public – which in itself speaks volumes.

But one question in particular echoes deafeningly now.

Late last year, just before Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement was due, Corbyn stood to ask a question of Theresa May from ‘a taxpayer’ – and was jeered loudly by the MPs opposite.

Here is that question:

Cuts to community policing have been identified by security experts and senior police officers as the key driver to the failings in intelligence that have allowed radicalisation to pass without action – and Corbyn was raising the question months before the tragic events of the last three months.

We’ve already seen that Theresa May was warned by Corbyn, by police and by security experts about the…

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