Tories and undecideds flock to Labour after #BattleForNumber10 #GE17

30 May


If you’re watching BBC News or Sky News right now – or if you buy a right-wing newspaper on Tuesday morning, you might have the impression that Monday night’s ‘Battle for Number 10’ on Sky News and Channel 4 was a hard-fought draw or even a win for Theresa May. It really is getting stupidly transparent:

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Theresa May was booed, jeered and laughed at by the audience and disgusted the normally impartial Paxman so deeply that he couldn’t help himself from giving his own, personal verdict on Theresa May:

May’s performance was so vague and unconvincing that she may henceforth be known forever as ‘The Waffle-iron Lady‘. So bad that…

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