Suspended Wallasey CLP Charade

7 Dec

FitzyBlue Musings

Tuesday December 6th 2016 Wirral TUC held a meeting to discuss suspended Wallasey CLP and other issues. This meeting was a follow on from the Wallasey Town Hall meeting in August which was in response to the suspension.

The meeting started at 7:30pm with a great turn out. Paul Davies, suspended Labour party member, opened proceedings by giving an update of what had actually happened during the meeting in October where the NEC Disputes Panel decided to uphold Wallasey CLP ban. He and other party members have put together a 102 page dossier challenging the claims against himself and others within Wallasey CLP. A hand-out of the NEC Dispute Panel’s findings was given out to all attending….So let’s dissect it!

Below is a section from the opening paragraph.

“Some members remain fearful of repercussions if they speak out on these matters. For that reason this report is anonymised. All respondents…

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