Exclusive: explosive new eye-witness testimony shows Orgreave not about ‘rogue’ police

4 Nov


I’ve had the privilege over the last couple of days of interviewing an eyewitness who had a ‘ringside seat’ for the infamous ‘Battle of Orgreave’.

This witness, who was not a miner, has shed light on events there that many readers may not be aware of and has underscored key facts about the real reasons for Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s decision on Monday not to allow a public inquiry into events at Orgreave.

The media are glossing over these facts and even most of the rightly-outraged politicians decrying Rudd’s decision are tending to fall into the trap of focusing on the behaviour of South Yorkshire police – when in fact the core of the matter is the arrogance and unaccountability of the Tory party about its readiness to co-opt the apparatus of the State for political ends. A readiness that extends even to illegality.


Read on to find out more. The…

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