May has no mandate for “Hard Brexit” from the Rotten Referendum, let the people have a real say – By Kenny Moore Jones

21 Oct

This is a post a good friend of mine, Kenny, posted on Facebook. I feel it deserves a wider audience because it’s absolutely spot on.

From the moment they came into power, with austerity and the bedroom tax the Tories have made the living standards of so many in this country unbearable, and for what? Did they cut the deficit? No. Before the last election they managed to scapegoat the Lib Dems for all their vile policy decisions, whilst taking credit for the one good thing to come out of the coalition, the increase to the the income tax threshold; this was entirely a Lib Dem policy btw and part of their manifesto if you care to go back and read it. David Cameron gambled with the Brexit referendum for his own political gains and lost, he’ll go down in history as the worst British leader since Neville Chamberlain, let alone Thatcher. Now, with Theresa May’s determination to trigger Article 50 without a vote in the Commons the Tories are serving their own ends yet again.

They talk about upholding the will of the people. I’m sorry, the turnout for the referendum and the 2% margin of victory was not sufficient to accurately claim this is the will of the people. On top of that the blatant lies and false promises told by the official Leave campaign, spearheaded by top Tories amounts to misconduct in office for personal gain. People made their decision on these absurd claims. Voters trusted that £350m a week would go to the NHS because Tory politicians told them it would. These people should be prosecuted for misconduct, not made Foreign Secretary.

Parliament is sovereign, it passed the EU referendum act on the condition that it was merely an advisory and not legally binding, yet the Tories seem determined to press ahead without Parliament or without a mandate as to what Brexit should look like. Do not talk to me about the will of the people and attempt to press ahead with a hard Brexit when you are the ones refusing to have a dialogue with the representatives of the people. Just who the hell do you think you are?

The reason the Tories are determined to trigger Article 50 by themselves is that they know there is no way they’d win another referendum now that people know the truth about what Brexit really means for the economy, for immigration and our global standing. EU legislation is not a bad thing! It protects us from the whims of a rogue government. It’s a safety net and they’re trying to burn it down before someone can stop them.

I hope so much that the high court has the sense to rule against this unprecedented attempt to boycott Parliament and democratic process, but even more so I hope their loss of 20,000 votes at the Whitney by-election is a sign of things to come and we’ll finally be rid of the Tories for a while.

I know there are many of you who agree with everything I’ve said and there will be some of you who don’t and that’s fine. However call me a Remoaner or tell me to shut up and respect the result of a farcical referendum, I’ll tell you to your face you’re an idiot. This is still a democracy and I like millions of others get to have a voice, vent my frustration and hold politicians to account for reprehensible and selfish actions. If you don’t like activism, perhaps you should consider moving to Russia, they aren’t even in the EU so bonus, right?

Bottom line, leaving the EU is not in the UK’s national interest, from an economic, political or progressive viewpoint it just makes zero sense, if anything it makes negative sense.

Your xenophobia and intolerance to Eastern Europeans is not a viable reason to tank our economy, restrict our freedom of movement and tear up our human rights laws. There’s a reason we elect people to make decisions about our country, they are (for the most part) qualified to do it!

Parliament would never have passed a Brexit vote, there should never have been a referendum in the first place. No one is going to get what they voted for here and frankly we’re all going to be left with a bitter taste in our mouths. The right thing for Teresa May to do now, if she really wants to respect the will of the people is to publish her manifesto for Brexit, hold a snap general election and let the people decide what they want. Ffs, it’s not difficult.


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