Video proof that Virgin and Branson are lying about Jeremy Corbyn and #traingate

24 Aug

Pride's Purge

Here’s a video made by documentary film maker Yannis Mendez – who was following and filming Jeremy Corbyn on the infamous ‘traingate‘ Virgin Train – clearly showing there were no free seats available:

A closer study of the CCTV footage released by Virgin itself – which supposedly shows Corbyn walking by ’empty’ seats – actually confirms the Corbyn team’s claims that they were occupied by children or reserved with luggage:

traingate 4

Virgin Trains and Richard Branson also claimed that there were unreserved seats available in coach H on the train Jeremy Corbyn said was “ram packed”:

traingate 1

But coach H is not just a passenger coach. Here’s a tweet from Virgin Trains confirming coach H is the food coach:

traingateAnd further study of the video Virgin itself released clearly shows the coach was indeed the food bar and therefore had few seats available for passengers:

traingate 2

Other passengers on the train at the time also confirm Corbyn was offered seats…

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