Two Weeks in Momentum

16 Aug

Momentum Walsall

Google ‘what is Momentum?’ and you will be hit with a page of scary answers. These terrifying foot soldiers are engaged in a ‘war’ against Labour, determined, with their petitions and their inclusive public meetings, to ‘kill’ the party. And with true McCarthyite flourish Tom Watson even claims to have uncovered a plot by hard left infiltrators to take over the movement, apparently through militarised boredom.

dangerous radicals Dangerous radicals. Probably trying to prevent the closure of a local library or something.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Momentum Walsall is comprised solely of gnarled, camouflage clad, Little Red Book wavers, intent on strong arming you in to supporting their evil plans to… well, make the country, and hopefully the world, a little better for those who are having a hard time. Lock up your children, because Momentum are coming to a town near you, simultaneously battle hardened Trotskyists and…

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