Who pays for these families to live in Victorian squalor? British taxpayers

10 Aug

Benefit tales

By in the Guardian, 9th Aug 1026

In the East End I saw mothers condemned to raise their children in unhealthy, unsafe public properties. And with the Housing Act to come, that’s the future

I have seen the future of housing for working-class Londoners, and it is frightening. It is a land of flats so broken that the children who live in them are hospitalised. Where families have to live among condemned electrics and mouse infestations. Where nails poke up from carpets, tearing the skin off babies’ feet, while parents are driven mad trying to get an apparently indifferent landlord to fix things.

All this is happening not in the 1960s but right now. Those rundown properties aren’t owned by some slumlord, but a Labour council.

Go see the future for yourself, at Custom House – that stretch of the East End where the beards and the…

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