Theresa May is right: Labour is a laughingstock – and it’s all part of the Blairites’ plan 

21 Jul

Socialist Voice ☭

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 was Theresa May’s first-ever PMQs as the new Prime Minister. I rarely watch PMQs because it’s too theatrical, too juvenile and too annoying. For 30 minutes each week MPs from both sides of the house insult and shout at each other and it’s a huge embarrassment to British politics. David Cameron regularly dodged questions or responded with a tirade of venom and bile, and Theresa May did exactly the same during her first PMQs session.

Theresa May literally wiped the floor with Jeremy Corbyn while Blairites (aka Red Thatcherites) laughed and jeered at him, while so-called Labour MP Jamie Reed congratulated Theresa May over Trident in a pathetic attempt to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn. It’s evident that Blairites and Tories are working in collusion to try and destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Jamie Reed is an example why Labour is toxic in working class areas, why the party…

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