Those pain in the arse disabled people … er

23 Feb

Joe Halewood

MAXIMUS – those really, really nice people who do the hard work assessing all those disabled fraudsters who are scrounging off all the hardworking taxpayers ……. Er…sorry about that people for some reason I turned into IDS for a moment!

I was saying?  Oh yes Maximus the private company who do all the work capability assessments and who are incentivised to take as many genuinely disabled persons off disability benefits have released a you tube video here on what assessed persons can expect from such an assessment … which has prompted one welfare rights officer to comment as below!!

In short if you really want an idea what the fcuk goes on with the assessment and re-assessment and further re-assessment of disabled persons, then the following comments give you a bit of an idea…. Enjoy!

Behave. That video is shocking tokenistic drivel.  Only an MP could find any merit in…

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