Local authority “celebrating” the opening of a food bank at Tameside Hospital.

15 Nov

The poor side of life

I’m disgusted. It’s bad enough having to open a food bank at a hospital. It’s bad enough that patients are being admitted due to malnutrition related illnesses. Please read my earlier blog to recap on the details.

Tameside hospital is struggling, it’s in a very poor area and Ashton Under Lyne was chosen to be one of the pilot areas for Universal credit as well as many other “trials”. This ensured that the folk of Tameside suffer, and suffer we do.

I saw this photo on Facebook. It shows the opening of the food bank at Tameside hospital.. I see several things that are wrong with this..

We should not be “celebrating” the opening of a food bank. The government wants us to open food banks. They do their work for them… Feeding the poorest in society. Now I’m not saying that people should be starving far from it. This…

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2 Responses to “Local authority “celebrating” the opening of a food bank at Tameside Hospital.”

  1. Bill Hayes November 15, 2015 at 8:42 pm #

    I bet after the opening the Mayor and Freinds went for a nice buffet and proseco. Establishing yet another food bank is not something to celebrate.


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