Despotic paternalism and punishing the poor. Can this really be England?

14 Jun

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Earlier this year, David Cameron defended his welfare “reforms”, claiming that: “Labour has infantilised benefit claimants”, and he argued it was “not big-hearted” to leave people claiming sickness allowances when “they could be incentivised to get treatment for alcohol dependence or obesity.”

I should not need to point out that despite the bizarre attempt at stigmatising sick and disabled people with such a loaded, moralising and media agenda-setting comment from our PM, the majority of people claiming sickness benefits are neither dependent on alcohol nor are they claiming because they are obese.

I am neither obese nor dependent on alcohol. I claim sickness benefit because I have a life-threatening illness called Lupus.

It IS “big-hearted” to leave me claiming benefits, Mr Cameron, because I am no longer fit for work. Indeed I was forced to take my case to tribunal after your government tried to “kindly” incentivise me…

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One Response to “Despotic paternalism and punishing the poor. Can this really be England?”

  1. Chris June 14, 2015 at 8:06 pm #

    Labour has been of no use to help the working poor, disabled, chronic sick, poor pensioners nor the new pensioners with worse to come from next year. Nor did they care less about the loss of food and fuel money by the raise of retirement for women from 2013, instead of telling an 18 year old of the raise at a far future date when they could have done something about it.

    Change the around 80 odd Labour MPs’ mind and get them to endorse Jeremy Corbyn, the sole anti austerity Labour leader hopeful.

    Sign in big numbers and reshare widely the 38 Degrees petition:



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