Dangerous 5th Columnist David Orr – You can’t develop if you can’t operate

27 May

One Response to “Dangerous 5th Columnist David Orr – You can’t develop if you can’t operate”

  1. Chris May 31, 2015 at 11:12 pm #

    I’ve never lived in social housing and life happenchance did not put me in the path of Bedroom Tax and Housing Benefit. I did suffer the loss of council tax support when the savings threshold became very low indeed, when it was devolved to cash strapped councils.

    But the Blogosphere out there, shows that what the Tories are actually doing is pushing social housing firms into selling up their social housing to private developers to build luxury homes for sale and well above what even the average waged can afford.

    Look about you.

    Once a plot becomes vacant by some closed down public building or firm, the land quickly is used up for homes for sale at a price far above an affordable rate.

    This can especially be seen in London.

    The bulk of social housing are pensioners, not yet being hit by the Bedroom Tax if both above the raised retirement age.

    But the Tories intend to tax at source disability benefit and Attendance Allowance, and their family carers (usually the wife) about to lose Carer’s Allowance up to 40 per cent of current claimants under Universal Credit rules.

    The family carer, the wife, then faces, even more than men, the coming wipe out of the state pension under flat rate new rules from 6 April next year, 2016. The wife will lose, as new pensioner, the right of the Housewife Pension at 60 per cent rate.

    For those with a NI record, the SERPs opt out and National Insurance history wipe each other out, when women have suffered far more from the huge austerity job cuts in the public sector, with worse to come, and on average on little or no works or private pension.

    Men will also lose out big time.

    A man in Scotland got the lowest forecast seen so far of £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.

    Over half of over 60s are within the working poor.

    When will Labour widely share my petition, to stop people cashing in their pension pot – works and/or private – or defer their state pension and lose money from the small print or from pushing it to be under the flat rate rules on and after 6 April next year?

    Because how will new pensioners afford their social housing rent without a state pension for life?



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