Tories launch the #SameOldLabour hashtag, backfires spectacularly

13 Apr


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Mark Thomas/REX Shutterstock (4448817h).. Ed Miliband.. Labour Party leader Ed Miliband delivers a speech on the arts at Battersea Arts Centre, London, Britain - 23 Feb 2015.. .. (Picture: Mark Thomas/REX)

Today’s the day when Labour launches their manifesto for the upcoming election, extensively outlining the proposals that they hope will land Ed Miliband in Downing Street.

But of course – the Conservatives saw it as a ripe opportunity to dig at their rivals, and encouraged Twitter to use the hashtag #SameOldLabour, in an apparent bid to convince the electorate that Labour really hasn’t moved on from previous failings.

But in the now time-honoured tradition of Twitter, the hashtag spectacularly backfired on the Tories, with many using the hashtag to remember Labour’s finest moments to date.

Like their strong commitment to tackling social inequality.

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