The doublethink of the “Anti-establishment” kipper

19 Feb

Van Rants

Recently, I explained how the working-class ukip voter is being deceived by the pro-corporate, anti-worker ukip heirarchy (btw, I am a warehouse worker, on Minimum wage + 10p, living in a flat above a shop, (as Pulp said!) before anyone tries to claim I am not working class, or being ‘patronising!’).
Next, we move onto another type of ‘kipper – the ‘anti-establishment’ breed. Now, we all know someone who is a bit of an alternative thinker, a bit of a conspiracy theorist, someone who doesn’t believe in accepting the mainstream narrative unquestioningly, someone who likes to think they question the status quo, and I have to confess, I probably count myself in this group!
However, the way I view things, is that we should always question the status quo, but we should also be prepared to accept it if it comes back with perfectly reasonable answers! The problem is that…

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