Could only happen at a Job Centre near you…

3 Jan

Ashton Job Centre again. Rule breaking, law breaking, denying people the help they’re legally entitled to.

The poor side of life

It was 9am.. I’m an early riser so I usually make an early start on most matters. My mobile was ringing but it was a number that I didn’t know. It must have been urgent. The call went like this “Hiya I’m a advocate for a person and I was to attend the Job Centre with a person just now. They knew I was coming. We had an appointment. Guess what? I was refused entry to the Job Centre. I said I’m his advocate and the law states that I am allowed in. The answer from the people behind the desk and G4S was well your not coming in we aren’t allowing it. It was a standoff. They refused to budge. He was going to be late for his appointment so I had to give him all his paper work and wish him luck. This is so wrong. I’ve been…

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