Ashton under lyne Jobcentre now perform miracles.

5 Dec

The poor side of life

Yes you heard it right. Advisors at Ashton Jobcentre are now providing miracle cures to the people claiming ESA. Even with sick notes and consultants letters they are pronouncing them fit for work. No medical assessment, no doctor present. Nothing. Well they must be fit then if Ashton Jobcentre say so. Saves a few quid on travelling to Lourdes or undergoing medical treatment! Ashton under lyne Jobcentre can cure anything! Even serious heart disease, high blood pressure and angina.
A lady went into the Jobcentre to see her “disability advisor”yesterday. I use that term very loosely because what she is really there for is to get people off the sick.. To perform minor miracles. She went in with her consultants letter, her sick notes and all of her medication… Which incidental makes her drowsy. She’s been advised to rest because she’s at a high risk of having a heart attack…

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