Don Hale, D Notices / DA notices, Surrey Comet and D Notice Committee FOI Request

3 Dec

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This posts contains

1. Freedom of Information Request to MOD [5]

2. Reply from Andrew Vallance Secretary, Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (D notice committee)

3. Reply from DDC Secretariat Department of Defence stating that they do not hold the information asked for. [6]

1. FOI Request

Dear Ministry of Defence,

In light of this story [2]

and this [3]

then people are increasingly sceptical of answers such as this [4]

Please could you send me an index of the DA and D notices and
letters issued about them to entities- persons/corporations etc
issued since 1970, including the dates, person/organisation issued
to and what the notice and letter were about.

Under S 16 and a request if applicable, have any D/DA notices and
letters been confidential? and if so is it a practise for people
who know about them to deny knowledge of them when asked?

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