Party politics aside, anyone else think Ed Miliband’s critics are getting a bit desperate?

28 Jun

Pride's Purge

(not satire – I think)

I’m not particularly trying to fly the Ed Miliband flag here, but is it only me thinks the Labour leader’s opponents are getting a bit desperate?

reasons not to vote for Miliband

Of course, it’s true Ed’s approval figures are extremely negative, but it’s just a matter of degree as all the main party leaders have negative approval figures.

And with just 10 months to go before the next election, all the smears against the Labour leader in the right-wing press have had no effect on Labour’s polling – which has been consistently ahead of the Tories for years now.

Mind you – it’s always mystified me why looking like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit is supposed to be such a bad thing.

After all, who would you rather vote for – Wallace or Flashman?


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