The Stress Chambers

14 Jun

Vox Political

A friend of Vox Political sent a link to this site via Twitter. The article makes very interesting reading. Here’s a taste. Please visit the site and read the rest. It ties in with something I want to put out later today.

In 1930’s & 40’s Germany the Mentally Injured were simply rounded up and shot. They could not be saved, so were got rid of to keep the Aryan Race pure. Jews were considered undesirable, so were shipped off to work camps and then ultimately gassed.

We have 2 key trends in The UK at present:

– A very obvious Eugenics Program designed to stop Disabled people breeding or growing old.

– ‘Vichy’ disabled people taking the cash bribe, and then firing on their fellow disabled people.

If we don’t breed, and don’t live to old age, we are easier to ‘manage’ and are also cheaper on…

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