Heywood on Rock: Announcement ‘inappropriate’ while investigations were ongoing

7 Mar

Once again Mike hits the nail on the head. Who knew, when did they know, why was it not announced immediately when other cases have been announced immediately?

Vox Political

Sir Jeremy Heywood. [Image: PA] Sir Jeremy Heywood. [Image: PA] The cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, has answered queries from the Labour Party over the way the arrest of Patrick Rock was handled by 10 Downing Street.

Labour’s shadow minister Jon Ashworth had raised questions about the arrest of Mr Rock, formerly a senior advisor in Downing Street, on suspicion of an offence relating to images of child abuse.

Principal among these was the following: “Why were details of his resignation [which would have included the allegation of possessing child abuse imagery] not made public immediately?”

This is important as the Daily Mail revived ancient allegations that members of the Labour Party had been connected with a paedophile group, in the period between Mr Rock’s resignation/arrest and the revelation that this had taken place.

Sir Jeremy’s response: “Our … actions were driven by the overriding importance of not jeopardising either [the National Crime Agency’s]…

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