Suppresion of Legitimate Protest and it’s Inevitable Results

26 Feb

This week I finally got around to watching Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. I was particularly pleased that this was not presented as a “Saint Nelson” movie but the raw unadulterated, if abbreviated, truth. Warts and all. They didn’t leave out that he was a poor husband or that he could be violent, indeed, after peaceful protest was met with violence peaking with the Sharpeville Massacre, it became the main policy of the ANC to meet violence with violence. That is what inevitably is the result of uniformed state thugs beating and shooting peaceful protestors.

Every struggle for civil rights that has been met with violence has eventually had violence returned in equal measure. The Trade Union actions that lead to the Dublin Lockout in 1913 inevitably led to the Easter Rising and the Irish War of Independence. The Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland of the 1960’s reached it’s tipping point at the Battle of The Bogside and Bloody Sunday finally precipitated The Troubles. Across history this same mistake has been made by brutal totalitarian regimes  and as we’ve recently seen across the Middle East and the Ukraine, it leads to the same outcome.


Photo: Father Edward Daly leads a group of people carrying the mortally wounded Jackie Duddy, waving a white handkerchief (Stanley Matchett)

Collaborators and Informants

Common to every struggle against oppression are collaborators and informants and in most armed struggles these are harshly treated. Something that Long Walk To Freedom didn’t shy away from. Winnie Mandela organised a group of paramilitaries under the guise of a football team to lead reprisal attacks against known collaborator. For these people the punishments have generally been severe from Mrs Mandela’s group burning collaborators alive to head shavings and executions across Europe after World War 2. Michael Collins made it a particular part of the resistance against Britain to assassinate  informers and collaborators as did the IRA during The Troubles.


Polish Nazi Collaborators  hanged in Kraków after World War 2

So what is the relevance of this? Well all over the UK we see examples of collaboration, from the staff at the DWP to the “health care professionals” who’ve continued to work for ATOS to the Police forces up and down the country ignoring the Constable’s Oath to act as paid security for private companies who, without public consent, are pumping radioactive water into the ground to pump gas out of it. These people should consider history because it will most certainly consider them in the fullness of time and they’d better hope that something gives to prevent an armed uprising because considering the collusion between the Media, the Political classes, the Police and the Corporations, it’s all but inevitable and citizens need only look overseas to see that those who take arms against a totalitarian state will eventually overthrow simply it, because there will always be more of us than there are of them.


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