Using just one word, describe how you feel when the Brown Envelope hits the floor

18 Feb

Benefit tales

The brown envelope being the one the DWP sends claimants when they decide to reassess their sickness benefits.

A facebook page ‘The Art of Questioning’ posted this question, it has been shared on the ‘Atos Miracles’ facebook page.

Here are the responses.

  •  Anxious as to how we will manage,health and financies
  • Dread
  •  fear .
  •  Outrage, mainly, and revulsion at the hypocrisy of those sending them.
  •  anxiety
  •  Anxiety
  •  outrage.
  •  outrage
  • Suicidal
  • Stress
  • suicidal
  •  ill
  •  Panic.
  •  Anxiety
  • Sick…(oh the irony!)..
  • Sick.
  •  Stressed
  •  anxiety
  •  Stressed!
  • All of the above !
  •  Trepidation
  •  Stressed for sure
  •  Sick. My Wife has to read them and she’s recovering from a breakdown herself…
  • ANGER.
  •  terror
  •  All the above ugh!!!
  •  anxiety
  • Dread
  •  Fear
  •  Anxiety  all the above and pissed off ;
  •  recyling
  •  horrible, my heart stops….Fuck…
  • Fear. anxiety
  • Dismay.
  • All consuming panicccccc ,
  • Fear and anxiety in oneALL !!!
  • Intrigued !!
  • fear anxiety dread
  •  Terror
  • Confusion.  Just confusion.
  •  Terrified

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