Train-wreck #Tories lose by-election but #Cameron remains in denial (#uk #politics)

15 Feb

Order Of Truth

ct The results of yesterday’s by-election in Wythenshawe and Sale East are in and the winners are Labour, followed by UKIP, then the Conservatives.

The results were (courtesy of the BBC):

  • Mike Kane (Labour): 13,261
  • John Bickley (UKIP): 4,301
  • Reverend Daniel Critchlow (Conservatives): 3,479
  • Mary Di Mauro (Lib Dem): 1,176
  • Nigel Woodcock (Green Party): 748
  • Eddy O’Sullivan (BNP): 708
  • Captain Chaplington-Smythe (Monster Raving Loony): 288

Turnout: 28%

It is surprising that there was only a 28% turnout for the vote. With the state of the country, we thought that there would have been at least a 33% turnout, although apparently it is normal for a lower turnout in a by-election, and perhaps with the general election being fairly close many people felt they would vote then.

We are also surprised that there were 3,479 idiots who voted Conservative – have they been asleep since 2010?

It is not so surprising…

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