DLT VERDICT: Met’s BBC vendetta falling apart…3 cheers for justice

14 Feb

The Slog.

dltsmileBut Dave Lee Travis is still virtually bankrupt

Having been found not guilty on 12 out of 14 trumped up Plod charges (with no verdict returned on the other 2) DLT is right when he says “I’m still not over the Moon about this”. Not only has his life been utterly buggered and his spirit very nearly broken, he is also broke.

Bearing in mind that he is the victim of a politically motivated police campaign, it must surely stick in every decent Briton’s throat that this essentially daft bear of a bloke has been prosecuted by a State (aka Camerlot) which also tried to foist onto the Statute a McAlpine’s charter designed to make gratuitously vexatious libel prosecutions free to those who wanted to bring them. Yet now he – an innocent man – finds himself broke as a result of merely clearing his name. It is iniquitous beyond…

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