Slave #Britain: MPs tell #Cameron to stop wasting taxpayer’s cash on aid (#uk #politics)

13 Feb

Order Of Truth

foreign-aid-1001 Well it seems to have taken the UK’s dozy MPs a long time to speak out about David Cameron wasting £12 BILLION of taxpayer’s money on foreign aid in his pet project.

The fact that the UK spends DOUBLE the average amount of money on foreign aid than any other developed country seems to have escaped the concern of MPs until it became a hot political topic this week after the devastation caused by recent flooding in the UK.

Cameron has been determined to protect his target of spending 0.7 percent of the UK’s income on foreign aid – even so far as introducing stealth legislation to ensure it is not targeted in his government’s austerity measures.

The UK’s foreign aid budget is highly wasteful, with very little of the allocated money reaching people who really need help. The money is allocated through the Department for International Development, which has…

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