Winning The Argument On Welfare Means Never Giving An Inch To The Likes Of Katie Hopkins

6 Feb

the void

katie-hopkinsWith the constant stream of benefit bashing stories in the national press it is often easy to believe that the argument is over – the public no longer support a social security system and the poor are despised.

Yet this over-simplifies people’s attitudes towards social security which in truth are varied and complex.  The most recent British Societal Attitudes survey shows that support for the welfare state is strong – 81% of people believe it is the Government’s responsibility to provide housing for those who need it, whilst 59% say that unemployed people should be provided with a decent standard of living.

This seems to contrast sharply with the hate-fest on social media which has accompanied Channel 4’s recent poverty porn production Benefits Street.  But an analysis of 5000 tweets posted during the second episode of the series (which is well worth reading) reveals that the picture is far from…

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