THE PAEDOFILE: ELM HOUSE – Why Boris Johnson is a very happy man

5 Feb

The Slog.

bojocoppntIt’s another case for Bojocop

Fourth time around, no arrests, no charges, no progress, no credibility

It is now some four months since London Mayor Boris Johnson told the media he thought the Elm House paedophile investigation was proceeding “very satisfactorily”. He’s easily satisfied.

In November 2012, The Labour MP Tom Watson spoken at pmq’s of a “powerful paedophile ring” and its links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. He left David Cameron looking extremely uncomfortable. An investigation was promised.

The portents from the past weren’t good. Home Secretary at the time Leon Brittan “lost” papers given to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens, who claimed the dossier contained “compelling evidence” of child abuse. The very high likelihood of political figures being involved was highlighted by a sudden decision, in 1982, to get Special Branch involved. The place was raided, and owner Carol Kasir arrested. Her own child was taken…

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