Bedroom tax: Raquel Rolnik’s uncomfortable truths

5 Feb

Benefit tales

Despite ministerial blustering, the UN housing envoy’s report is an authentic and authoritative account of Britain’s housing crisis

Here we go again. Presented by the United Nations housing envoy Raquel Rolnik with the harsh facts and excruciatingly dismal human consequences of Britain’s housing crisis, ministers once more jumped unhesitatingly for the rhetorical low ground, with housing minister Kris Hopkins dismissing Rolnik’s report as a “Marxist diatribe”

The last time Rolnik, a former urban planning minister in Brazil, ventured an opinion on the bedroom tax, back in September, she was denounced by the Tory party chair Grant Shapps as “that woman from Brazil”. Fellow Tory MP Stuart Jackson weighed in with the classy jibe: “Loopy Brazilian Leftie”.

Rolnik, it has to be remembered, is an unpaid UN official carrying out, at the invitation of the UK government, an official review examining the UK government’s adherence to an international human rights

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