4 Feb

The Slog.

prior2Son of Jim Prior just another example of the nepotistic, crony capitalism that continues to blight Britain

I posted at length at the weekend about the bigoted outpourings from the Honourable David Gifford Leathes Prior, the CQC’s Chairman, on the subject of what his mates want what the NHS needs. While pointing out the frailties in Mr Prior’s “analysis”, I came across some interesting snippets about his honesty, or otherwise.

The one that most caught my eye involved his arrest on 14th November 2006 by Norfolk Constabulary, who were investigating allegations of financial irregularities at Cawston Park Hospital (previously known as Cawston College) a private psychiatric hospital in Cawston, Norfolk. He was cleared of involvement in the alleged fraud on 15 February 2007….and subsequently reappointed as chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust. In fact, very soon afterwards.

But while still chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich…

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