Exploding the Myths Around Benefit Levels and the European Committee of Social Rights

2 Feb

Benefit tales

Wednesday saw Iain Duncan Smith expressing outrage about the findings of the European Committee of Social Rights on the UK’s recent report to that body.

Reacting to the Committee’s conclusion that the UK had not satisfied its European social security rights obligations, Mr Duncan Smith stated that it was ‘lunacy for the Council of Europe to suggest welfare payments need to increase when we paid out £204bn in benefits and pensions last year alone.’

So what is the all the fuss about? Who is this Committee that has raised the hackles of the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions? The European Committee of Social Right is a human rights monitoring body established under the European Social Charter. This is a treaty established by the Council of Europe, an inter-governmental organisation established in 1949 which promotes co-operation between all countries of Europe in the area of human rights…

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