Boudicca Stretton Brown: The Mother Who Placed Gumtree Ad Offering Free Meals To Families On Benefits

29 Jan

My faith in humanity is restored. There really ARE decent human beings out there.

Same Difference

A mother in Wales has posted an advert on Gumtree offering free home cooked meals every Monday to families living on benefits.


Boudicca Stretton-Brown, 27, wrote that she wanted “to offer a little help to those who may need it”, and said she was shocked to see people from all over the country sharing the ad on Twitter.

Cooking at her home in Splott, Cardiff, the mother of three told Wales Online: “Lots of people wrote to say that they saw my advert and felt inspired to donate to charity.

“I’ve had a few really nice emails from people saying want to help out with the cooking, including one from a chef! It has been really heart-warming. I’ve been feeling very fuzzy the past few days.”

The offer was promoted online by Gumtree itself, whose official Twitter feed said last week it was “a heart-warming ad for a Friday…

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