Iain Duncan Smith: Slavery and Narcissism

24 Jan

Vox Political

Iain Duncan Smith Self Aggrandising Narcissist AAV

What follows is from today’s entry in Another Angry Voice, a blog that all of you should be reading along with Vox Political. This analysis of Iain Duncan Smith, after he tried to compare himself with William Wilberforce, the great 19th century anti-slavery campaigner. It is terrific that others are writing about how laughable the man we call RTU has become; I may even find myself relying on what follows as evidence in my forthcoming Freedom of Information tribunal hearing on IB/ESA claimant mortality. Here’s what the Angry Yorkshireman has to say:

Iain Duncan Smith has once again demonstrated how out of touch with reality he is. In an absurdly self-congratulatory speech he compared his “welfare reforms” (which are hopelessly inefficient, economically illiterate, dishonest, unlawful, discriminatory, fraud riddled, punitive, target driven, wasteful, incompetently administered and compassionless) with the abolitionist movement of the 19th Century.

Given that one of Iain Duncan…

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