At the End of the Day

6 Jan

The Slog.

Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, is facing a backlash after suggesting that developers should be allowed to bulldoze historic woods to make way for new homes if they promise to plant trees elsewhere. (Sunday Telegraph)

The newly planted trees are to be grafted onto politicians, and will thus be mobiles enough to be placed near the especially gaping ozone hole created by Co2 emission from Westminster, Washington, Brussels, Berlin etc etc.

A woman has told how she had to go to hospital after she couldn’t stop having an orgasm for three hours. Known only as Liz, the woman from Seattle was taken to the emergency room by her partner, Eric, when she continued to orgasm hours after they stopped having sex. When the pleasure stopped being enjoyable, Liz tried jumping up and down then drinking wine in attempt to calm herself down. (Independent on Sunday)

After receiving treatment, Liz complained…

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