The abominable yes man

19 Sep

Red Brick

Nick Clegg’s rhetorical flourishes are quite clever until you ponder on them for a second or two. Then the argument falls to pieces. Yesterday’s speech included a long list of things he’d said ‘no’ to within the Coalition. I suppose headlines like ‘Dr No’ and ‘The Abominable No Man’ were the desired outcome, supporting the line that the LibDems have been a brake on ‘the nasty party’.

In housing they have been the Party that likes to say yes. Or, to put it another way, the Party that rolled over to accommodate every nasty Tory policy imaginable.

60% cuts in housing investment? Yes! End social housing? Yes! Put social rents up to 80% of market rents? Yes! Bedroom Tax? Oh yes please! Make large parts of the country unaffordable to people in and out of work who need housing benefit? Yes! A new housing bubble? Yes! End security of tenure?…

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