Did you say Recovery .. What Recovery?

14 Sep

Think Left

Recovery? What Recovery?

From Luke James

Morning Star

Unions reminded backslapping  Tory leaders  that Britain is in the grip of the worst economic crisis in a century despite 0.6 per cent growth in the last quarter.

Tiny boosts in construction and manufacturing sector were partly behind the slight respite for the battered economy.

Smug PM David Cameron claimed on Twitter that the figures showed Britain is “on the right track” and insisted his government is “building an economy for hardworking people.”

Tory Chancellor George Osborne said Britain’s gross domestic product (GDP) was “better than forecast” but failed to mention that it is still 3.3 per cent below pre-recession levels.

TUC leader Frances O’Grady reminded the pair that the economy has grown half as much as they boasted it would when they cobbled together the Con-Dem coalition in 2010.

“It’s a measure of how poor the economy is faring that this…

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