New attempt to demean benefit claimants launched by right-wing loonies

5 Sep

Vox Political

For a change, it isn’t the government!

The Taxpayers’ Alliance, an organisation of right-wingers determined to turn the UK into a low-tax economy by any possible means, has decided that Universal Credit claimants need to do community service-style unpaid work – or they shouldn’t receive a penny.

According to the BBC, the group reckons people should do 30 hours’ unpaid activity every week, and has suggested this could save £3.5 billion in social security payments every year.

Is that because it has worked so well in the past?

Schemes like this are already in place for jobseekers and, guess what, they don’t work. It costs more money to employ the private firms that administer them than they ever succeed in saving, and their success rate in getting people into jobs is so bad that benefit claimants would have a better chance of success if they just go and…

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2 Responses to “New attempt to demean benefit claimants launched by right-wing loonies”

  1. Margaret McLaughlin September 9, 2013 at 12:58 pm #

    Who are these fascist’s aka The Taxpayers Alliance? I’ve never met any of them (and I don’t want to either!) but they’re constantly popping up giving their warped opinions and this, that and everything else and claiming to speak for “the hard-working, honest, taxpayers.” Another non-elected, right-wing bunch…………………..


    • Paul Smyth September 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

      Agree with you 100%, clearly a “sponsored” organisation intended to put a certain message out as if it were public opinion much like the ‘Tea Party’. I’d like to follow the money trail.


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