The Battle for Balcombe – The New Front Line in the Fight to Reclaim our Power

25 Aug

Scriptonite Daily

IMG_0938(c) Scriptonite

In recent weeks, the sleepy hamlet of Balcombe, West Sussex has become the front line in the battle against not simply Fracking – but our right to have a say in the big decisions that shape our world.  I spent a view days on site, and here is my write up of this extraordinary event.

What is Fracking?


(c) BBC News

Large reserves of shale gas have been discovered across the UK, mainly in the North.  Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) refers to the process whereby water, sand a range of chemicals are blasted at high pressure into shale rocks deep underground to ‘fracture them’, releasing the gas inside, which is then extracted and burned to create energy.

The government introduced a moratorium on the practise in 2011, after the fracking of Preese Hall in Lancashire led to earthquakes of 2.3M in the Blackpool.  It was demonstrated that hydraulic fracturing…

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