Bailey ‘hounding’ investigation dropped. Now there’s a surprise..

25 Aug


So, the police have dropped the investigation into the alleged ‘hounding’ of ‘Cure the NHS’ founder Julie Bailey because of lack of evidence.


Lack of evidence. The police unable to find enough evidence that any of the ‘hounding’ actually happened – despite having conducted an investigation that included interviewing ‘witnesses’ and examining CCTV footage, according to the Express and Star newspaper.


The SKWAWKBOX has long observed that Ms Bailey’s claims of harassment so bad that she was ‘forced’ to quit Stafford were clearly massively overblown and probably invented – and now the police appear to have reached the same conclusion, although obviously they’re unable to come out and say so plainly.

Unable to find evidence – but that hasn’t, of course, stopped the media from repeating the ‘hounding’ myth over and over again, accusing the people of Stafford of conducting a concerted ‘hate campaign’ against the right-wing press’ ‘heroine’…

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