21 year old Intern Works Himself to Death in London – and He is Not Alone

25 Aug

Scriptonite Daily


21 year old Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) intern Moritz Erhardt dropped dead in his shower, having worked gruelling hours over a number of weeks in the promise of landing his dream job in the City.  Erhardt is not alone. Across the world, people are increasingly working themselves to death. What kind of economy rests on these kind of mortally exploitative labour conditions? Ours.

Brits Working Themselves to Death


Moritz Erhardt was found collapsed in his shower by fellow interns sharing his accommodation in Bethnal Green, London.  He was reportedly subject to the “magic roundabout” where investment banking interns at BAML are driven from work to their accommodation by a taxi, which waits while they shower and change clothes, to take them straight back to the office for yet another long day.  Erhardt was rumoured to have worked 21 hour days in the three days preceding his death.

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