NHS spending PUBLIC money training PRIVATE providers to profit from it

13 Aug


I’ve come across a brilliant but enraging article on another blog on the subject of NHS privatisation. Normally I’d ‘reblog’ it, but it’s not hosted on WordPress, so I don’t have that option – but you really need to read it.

This article looks at a training programme being offered to private companies by a north of England NHS Foundation Trust – to help them to learn how to exploit the ‘Any Qualified Provider’ (AQP) rule for NHS procurement for profit.

That means our money – your taxes and mine – are paying for private providers to learn, essentially, how to take something that belongs to us and turn it into private profits.

It also shows how an organisation that claims to be ‘wholly NHS owned’ is actually a ‘collaboration’ of ‘public and private sector procurement professionals’ – a classic example of how the NHS logo is being hijacked…

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