The Daily Mail’s Slander Has Fanned the Flames of Anti-Thatcher Rage

12 Apr

the void

Margaret Thatcher's death divides opinion across the UKIf anyone had any doubts over attending their local Thatcher death celebration they should be swept away by the Daily Mail’s recent treatment of two people they largely falsely accuse of being behind the recent joyous merrie-making.

The downmarket tabloid has decided to make it both personal and political this week after launching a string of vile misogynst smears on Romany Blythe whilst attempting to cost another party-goer his job.  Like many in the country they attended the spontaneous parties that broke out when Thatcher died and posted on facebook encouraging others to do the same.  This was enough for the Daily Mail to ransack their personal lives and launch a string of crude smears, along with deluded rants aimed at veteran anarchist Ian Bone.

It seems that should someone disagree with the Daily Mail they can expect to have their medical history or employment details splashed across the…

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