27 Feb

Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire – it’s our MPs!)

Try not to laughbut Tory MPs seem to be desperately trawling their twitter archives looking for any previous tweets they’ve made praising the UK’s AAA status to delete – now their blundering chancellor has gone and lost it.

For example, yesterday, Daniel Byles, Tory MP for North Warwickshire and Karl McCartney, Tory MP for Lincoln both deleted this tweet they made over a year ago:

UK is now the largest country in the world with a “AAA” credit rating and a stable outlook. < Thanks to the Coalition govt.

Blimey. It must have taken them hours to go back that far in the Twitter archives to find a tweet – just so they could delete it and pretend they never said it.

You’d think MPs would have something better to do with their time, wouldn’t you?


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