24 Feb

Sadly, I think if Iain Duncan Smith had an ounce of humanity, he would’ve shown it by now.

Vox Political


Someone just posted a story on the Vox Facebook page, that should be familiar to many of you.

He was quoting a person whose cousin was on disability benefit, dying of liver failure. The DWP stopped her benefit and she had to appeal against it, enduring eight weeks of “worry, hopelessness and grief” before dying two days before her family received notification that her appeal had been granted.

This is not an unusual story. In fact, it is the behaviour we have come to expect from the department run by Iain Duncan Smith. He puts innocent people, who deserve their disability benefits, through physical and mental hell, and then they die. He then puts their families through the emotional hell of knowing that their loved one should never have had to go through that terrible process.

But Iain Duncan Smith is supposed to be a member of the Roman Catholic…

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