Do You Know About Action T4? The Erasure Of Disabled People From The Holocaust Narrative, And Why It Matters Today

26 Sep

Granite and Sunlight

“[£200,000] is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too.”

In the midst of the most controversial Labour Conference in recent times, the speeches were pored over for things to be outraged about. The country needed to show that the Party had been taken over by ‘lefty loonies’ and, while the big names got front page headlines, other speakers became easy targets. One of these was Sioux Blair-Jordan, a Labour disability rights campaigner, who gave a powerful speech about the dehumanising narrative regarding sickness and disability emanating from the government, and the risks disabled people face if the Conservative Government follows through on their campaign pledge to dissolve the power of the European Court of Human Rights in the UK. The media and commentariat exploded with outrage and even anti-austerity campaigners expressed discomfort when she stated that, “

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The numbers Labour did NOT want you to see on TV this morning – and why

25 Sep


This morning I had the privilege to be at the special conference for the announcement of the result of the leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.

As you will know by now, the result was emphatic, with Corbyn gaining a decisive 61.8% share (313,209/506,438/654,006) of the votes in spite of the efforts to weed out around 250,000 mostly Corbyn supporters by suspensions, expulsions and simply not sending them a ballot.

But there was a significant little passage of events that you will have missed. I was seated directly behind deputy leader Tom Watson and party General Secretary Iain McNicol, within easy touching distance (if I had wished:

wp_20160924_001Iain McNicol looking positively underwhelmed at Labour’s overwhelming democratic choice

As he prepared to read the results, NEC Chair Paddy Lillis said he would read out the overall result but would also show the results by voting constituency (full members, supporters…

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8 Sep

Tabloid Corrections


Eurostat has published its latest unemployment figures for the EU and the Eurozone, and The Sun has cherry-picked and distorted the data to try and make an anti-EU point.

The July 2016 statistics, available here, show that unemployment and youth unemployment is gradually falling overall. It is also falling within the majority of individual EU countries, rising in only three countries (Estonia, Austria and Belgium).

Yet there is no mention of this in The Sun report on the findings. In an article titled ‘EU ISN’T WORKING’, the tabloid – which encouraged its readers to vote for Brexit in the EU referendum vote – has singled out countries with the highest unemployment and youth unemployment rates, contrasting them with UK figures to try and imply that the EU is to blame.

This is despite the fact that the biggest economy in the EU – Germany – has one of the…

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Housing Think – tomorrows strategy for yesterdays issues?

8 Sep

Five years ago I started blogging as a direct consequence of a July 2011 consultation paper seeking to limit the amount of HB paid to supported housing provision to the local private sector levels …

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Theresa May’s lies catch up with her — Stop MP lies & propaganda

7 Sep

When Theresa May took office in July, she declared an assault on inequality and an end to privilege in politics. Now she’s flogging lunch with herself at her party conference for £3,150. We can assume the price does not reflect the food. Read more

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Scores of disabled protesters occupy Westminster Bridge with banners showing all those ‘killed by cuts’ — Stop MP lies & propaganda

7 Sep

Disabled protesters have shut down a major London bridge in protest at the people they say have been killed by Tory cuts. Source Source Source Source Cuts to disability benefits since 2010 have become so severe the UK is now being investigated by the UN for violation the rights of disabled people. Source Source Read […]

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Tories’ plan to make the UK an ‘immoral tax haven’ is voted through… by Tories — Vox Political

7 Sep

As the great Harry Leslie Smith states: “Don’t ever let Tories tell you that want to make UK a more …Continue reading →

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